Table of Contents - Section A 


Title and Author


The Relationship Between Organizational Characteristics, Innovation Intensity And Firm Performance: Firm Evidence From The U.S. Services

I-Ching, Lin, Shyh-Chyi Wey, Sheng-Li Chang, Yu-Ting Chiu



Organizational Innovation Of Functional Orientation Mechanism For           Cross Regional Governance: Case Study Of The Regional Emergency Operation Centers (REOCS) In Taiwan - Rong-Yang Huang, 

Yan-Yi Chang


A Measurement Model For Construction Companies’ Organizational Efficiency

Nai-Hsin Pan, Tsai Ching Hsiang


Applications Of Network Data Envelopment Analysis To Explore The           Operational Efficiencies Of International Five-Star Hotels

Han Sheng Lei, Jui - Tu Liu 


Optimal Service Design: Integrating Digital Service System And TAM Theory

Yen Hsu


Why Great Leadership Principles Remain Largely Irrelevant To Modern Enterprises: A Special Case Study Of A Small Moroccan Company

Sergey Ivanov, Maria Belhassan, Charlie E. Mahone, Jr


Study On The Relationship Among Recreational Environmental Fit, Situational Involvement,  Recreational Satisfaction, And Revisting Intention Of Participants In The 2017 Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival

Cheng-Ping Li,


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Title and Author


The Study Of Employee’s Job Stress, Happiness And Job Performance - Taiwan Construction Industry Company For Example

Chia-Hao, Chang, Ting-Ya, Hsieh


The Key Factors Promoting The Use Of Green Building Materials For The Interior Design And Decoration - T. L. Lee


A Study Of Residents’ Attitude Towards Developing Low Carbon Tourism In Liuqiu - Yao-Chuan Chang, Feng-Yi Chang, Chun-Liang Chen,         Pei-Chun Chen 


Good Jobs In Industrial Upgrading And Transformation

Nai-Chieh Wei, Hsiang-Chen Hsu, Ai-Ling Yang


Managerial Overconfidence And Earnings Management

Shu-Ling Chang, Long-Jainn Hwang, Chun-An Li, Cian-Ting Jhou  


Home-Based Long-Term Care Services In Taiwan: Demand And Effects

Chia-Ko Lee, Yi Chih Lee, Wei-Li Wu


Novel Method Of Diagnosing Breast Masses In Digital Mammography

Rueg-Juen, Jing-Taug, Cheng-Min Chao, Shu-Ting Luo


An Action Research Of Nature Science Education In Junior High Schools Focusing On Influence Of Play-Oriented Cooperative Learning

Yi-Hsien Lin, Yu-Lun Hsu, Yen-Ling Lin, Wen-Ling Hsiao 


Table of Contents - Section C


Title and Author


An Empirical Study Of College Students’ Online Purchase Behavior Model Toward Sport Merchandise - Chia-Ming Chang, Hsiu-Chin Huang,   Huey-Hong Hsieh, Ying-Chieh Yeh


Role Stress And Job Burnout Of School Coaches: Using Social Support And Self-Efficacy As Moderators - Tang-Sheng Ho 


The Study Of The Influencing Factors For Ethical Behavior Intention Of HR Professionals: The Evidences For The Theory Of Reasoned Action

I-Hui Lee, Shang-Ping Lin, Chien-Ming Wu, Yu-Chieh Lin, Ing-Chung Huang


Autonomy And Creativity Of Professional Teleworkers: The Mediating Role Of Creative Self-Efficacy - Shashika Naotunna, Erhua Zhou


To Explore The Environmental Management, Raising Processes And Marketing Channels Of Aquaculture Through Participation Observation And Depth Interview: A Case Study Of Barramundi In Tainan, Taiwan

Shu-Fang Hsu



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