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2011 Board Of Editors                                                                                               4


Management Consulting: A Professional Experience                                                 6

Pranee Chitakornkijsil


Curriculum Development In English Language Teaching: Innovations and                22

Challenges For The Asian Context 

Ken Kelch


Bank Margin-Setting Behavior Versus Risk-Managing Behavior Under                    43

Corporate Governance And Information Asymmetry

Chuen-Ping Chang


Exploring Service Innovation Of Culture Parks In Taiwan                                        87

Ya-Yi Tseng, Pi -Yun Huang, Rong-Jou Wang, Chuan-Chung Wang


User Engagement By Using A Knowledge-Creation Based Model In                       101

The Virtual Community

Echo Huang, Juh-Cheng Yang

A Study On Organizational Innovation’s Positive Effects On The Cultivation        119

Of Young Children’s Reasoning Abilities  

Chuen-Tzay Kuo


A Study Of Developing A Form Originality Scale                                                     143

Chen-Cheng Lin


Study On The Recreational Constraints, Leisure Benefits, Job Stress,                     155

And Quality Of Life For Kindergarten Teachers

Chin-Tsai Kuo, Mei-Lien Sun



Internationalization Assessment Of Wind Energy In Taiwan                                   172

Chih Yuan Huang


Perspectives On Entrepreneurship Opportunities And Internationalization                        184

Pranee Chitakornkijsil


Personality, Value, Life Style And Postmodernism Consumer Behavior:                 203

A Comparison Among Three Generations

Chien-Hsiung Lin


A Study Of The Relationship Among The Compensation Management,                 231

Operational Management And Organizational Climate 

Hsin-Hsi Lai


The Intelligent Tire Pressure Detection/Adjustment Device/Unit/System                250

Shu-Lung Wang, Fu-Jin Wang, Szu-Cheng Peng


Thermo-Solutal Natural Convection In Enclosures With Horizontal Double            263

Aperture Ratio

Shu-Lung Wang, Fu-Jin Wang


A Conceptual Model For Assessing The Impacts Of Gender Issues On                  278

Technology Education

Tzong-Song Wang


The Effect Of Spectator Experience On Spectator Satisfaction Among SBL            286

Sports Fans – a Case Study Of The Fifth Season SBL Champion Series

Chi-Ming Huang, Chih-Hao Chen, Chun-Ling Wang


An Algorithm To Build State Transition Diagram Trees For Generating Test          302

Cases – A Case Study Of State-Based Testing

Bor-Yuan Tsai


Innovative Services In Fitness Clubs: Personal Trainer Competency                        317

Needs Analysis 

Wen-Yu Chiu, Yuan-Duen Lee And Tsai-Yuan Lin

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